Usage Savings

We designed our mouthwash dispensers to regulate usage, but they actually are a lot better at cutting back on waste than we imagined they would be. If your location has used mouthwash before with a traditional pump or decanter, with GotFreshBreath your usage will be reduced drastically. We have seen this usage savings across-the-board in a variety of industries. From office buildings to restaurants, flight centers to theaters and everywhere in between; most locations see a 25% usage savings or more. In fact, in some cases we have seen a location that used six 1.5 liter bottles of mouthwash a week cut back on usage to less than three bottles a month. That is a lot of savings, how do we do that? Well, our dispensers take advantage of three main improvements:

1. Controlled Dosage

In a traditional pump dispenser, there’s no way to limit the amount of mouthwash being dispensed per use. But our dispensers completely change that by predictably dispensing a controlled amount of mouthwash each time.

2. Cups Sized To Use

Whether it’s coffee, water, or mouthwash, people almost always fill a cup full when using a dispenser. Traditionally a mouthwash decanter always had larger cups that held more mouthwash then was actually needed to refresh someone’s breath. So we made a simple change by designing a smaller cup that only holds the amount of mouthwash needed for a single use.

3. Mess Free

This may sound super simple but a traditional mouthwash solution often came with a decent amount of spills, when someone over fills the cup or happened to knock over the decanter. However, our dispensers basically eliminate any losses due to spills. This may only be a small savings per day, but it adds up over time.

See How Much You Save!

The good news is that you don’t have to take our word for it. You can see how much mouthwash you save by changing to GotFreshBreath. We offer a 30-day FREE trial on all orders, so you can order a dispenser and mouthwash to try out in your location risk-free.

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