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Want More Loyal Customers And Raving Fans For Your Business?

Discover The Easy-To-Implement “Special Touch” That Will Instantly Enhance Your Image and Increase Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty. Simple, Secure, and Cost Effective, Our Got Fresh Breath Mouthwash Dispenser Takes Customer Service To A Whole New Level!

It’s no secret that the little things in life are what matter most. It’s those special touches, added conveniences, and novelty experiences that people really enjoy and cherish. Consumers today already expect smiling faces, quality products, a clean environment, and complete satisfaction when they do business with you. So even though you may be hitting the mark in all of those areas, it just isn’t enough anymore… Because every other business out there is doing it, too!

So what can you do to make your business really shine among the crowd?

Get The Tool That Makes Top-Notch Customer Service A Snap

You don’t need to implement another company policy or do more complicated and costly training with your employees.

Delivering your customers the service they deserve can be as easy as giving them something they don’t already expect.

Got Fresh Breath makes it simple, with our state-of-the art automatic mouthwash dispenser.

You will enjoy:

  • Creating The WOW Experience For Your Customers Over And Over Again – Our current clients tell us that customers are constantly surprised and pleased that they offer mouthwash in the restroom. In fact, we have even seen enthusiastic people Tweet and post to Facebook about it!
  • Instant Image Enhancement – Your customers will feel pampered and cared for from this simple, affordable gesture, and they will know you are first-class all the way. Plus, your employees can use it, too, so they always speak to customers with the confidence of fresh, inoffensive breath.
  • An Easy-To-Implement Upgrade To Your Service – Raising your standard of service with our product is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just install, fill, and refill as needed. It just doesn’t get easier than this to make a positive impact on your customers.

Relax…We’ve Thought Of Everything

We understand that you may have concerns about safety, taste, quality, space and ongoing cost. But we have carefully thought through the problems and obstacles of our business clients, and we can assure you that Got Fresh Breath has solved most of these issues for you already:

  • Cost Effectiveness – Our machine dispenses the perfect amount every time, so there is less waste. Most high-traffic restaurants use only 6 refill cases, containing six bottles of mouthwash and 720 paper cups in each case, in 8-12 months. That is an average cost of just $.80 to $1.25 per day—for two bathrooms! It is literally just pennies per use to keep your customers happy and shopping with you. Even the ones who don’t use it will be impressed.
  • Pleasant, Enjoyable Flavor – Subtle, minty and sweet, our mouthwash is not harsh, spicy, or overpowering and won’t interfere with food.
  • Healthy Alternative To Mints – Many establishments offer mints in their restrooms, but this option is not sanitary, can cause tooth decay and is unhealthy for people on a sugar-restricted diet. But the Got Fresh Breath product, including the cups, is completely enclosed to prevent the spread of germs—and it actually helps fight tooth decay.
  • No Liability Or Risk – Mouthwash containing alcohol can be a target for theft and abuse, and the unlocked bottles can easily be tampered with, while mints can be a choking hazard for small children. Our locked dispenser and alcohol free mouthwash will limit tampering, theft and liability from hazards.
  • Space Saving Design – Don’t worry about counter space; we designed this sleek dispenser to fit easily on any wall.
  • Over One-Million Dispenses – This sturdy little automatic dispenser was built to last. It can easily withstand over one million uses, over the course of several years, before you even have to think about replacing it.

As you can see, the Got Fresh Breath Mouthwash dispenser is perfect for use in restaurants, dentist offices, schools, professional offices, banks, country clubs, fitness clubs, churches, nightclubs, hotels and just about anywhere else that people might be mixing and mingling or eating.

And You Won’t Want To Miss This: Order Today And Get 2 FREE Dispensers!

We’d like for you to try Got Fresh Breath for yourself, and see what a difference it makes first hand.

That is why we are making you an offer you can’t find anywhere else.

Today, when you purchase our Got Fresh Breath Starter Package for just $149.95—you will get TWO Got Fresh Breath mouthwash dispensers (one for each restroom) absolutely FREE!

The Got Fresh Breath Starter Package Includes:

  • 6 Cases Containing 6 Refill Bottles Each Of Our Tasty Mint Mouthwash
  • 720 Cups In Each Case For A Total Of 4320 Cups
  • PLUS 2 Of Our Sturdy, High-Quality, Space-Saving Dispensers (a $99.90 value) FREE

You can make your customers feel welcome and right at home, for about 6 cents per dispense, with this value-packed offer!

100% Satisfaction With Our 90-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Our mission is to help businesses, just like yours, create unbeatable value and an unmatched level of service for their customers—to distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack.

We want our Got Fresh Breath package to be your secret weapon for creating loyal, raving fans for your business.

That’s why—if for any reason whatsoever—you are not completely satisfied with our product within the first 90 days, we will refund your money on any unused product.

Because the fact is, if you are not getting the returns on your investment with your money that so many others have—we wouldn’t feel right about keeping it…

Just send the unopened cases back to us, and you will get a full refund on it.

No hassle, no questions asked—guaranteed!

Read What Some Of Our Raving Fans Have To Say…

“Our guests are pleasantly surprised when they go to the restroom to find the added touch that mouthwash offers. It makes a good experience just that much better.”-Brad Spratte
Operator of Chick-fil-A Northlake Festival.

“[It’s] another way we can serve our guests and go the extra mile. The guest experience doesn’t end at the counter, and when they experience clean restrooms and added amenities, such as mouthwash service, it only enhances the WOW factor.”–Rich Luisi
Operator of Chick-fil-A of Glenbrook.

“Prior to using Got Fresh Breath we had mouthwash in the restrooms that we filled into a pump bottle. I always had some reservations about someone contaminating the mouthwash. The Got Fresh Breath dispenser looks good and protects against someone messing with the mouthwash.”– Lawson Bailey
perator of Chick-fil-A of Sandy Springs.

Don’t Miss Out On Your Chance To Make An Impression That Lasts

In today’s world, competition is tough, and it is everywhere you turn.

You have work harder, smarter, and give even more value to your customers every time they visit, because face it: they can always just go somewhere else where they are treated better.

This is your first big step toward creating the more comfortable, up-scale, luxury type experience that people look—and are coming to expect more and more—everywhere they go.

And remember…It’s not just about bad breath…It’s about creating an atmosphere of quality, value, and attention to detail so that your guests know they are valued.

With the Got Fresh Breath dispenser, it’s a piece of cake to put your best foot forward!

Order Your Starter Package—With 2 FREE Dispensers—Today!

It’s easy to start reaping the benefits of Got Fresh Breath today. With just a small investment, this simple tool that will pay for itself many times over with increased customer loyalty and satisfaction.

To order your Got Fresh Breath Starter Package, including your two FREE dispensers, simply click the “Add to Cart” button below.

You will be taken to an order page, where all the items in the package have already been placed in the cart conveniently for you.

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Once we receive your order, you will get your Got Fresh Breath Starter Package in less than 6 days.

Order yours today… You and your customers will be so glad you did!

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