We Didn't Invent Mouthwash...

Just the best mouthwash dispensers ever! Literally, we have spent countless hours crafting the perfect end-to-end solution for your business. A solution that has been tested by thousands of locations across the country. We’ve thought of everything, so you don’t have to.

  • Simple, integrated design
  • Precision, waste-saving dispensing
  • Locking, tamperproof casing
  • Quick, easy installation
  • Custom mouthwash flavor, the best in the world


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Refreshing Relationships

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone that interacted with your business left saying, “Wow, that was amazing; cannot wait to go back?” Well, GotFreshBreath was created to help make that happen. How you ask? Just imagine how thorough your customer service experience looks, if when a customer is refreshing in the restroom they see complimentary mouthwash. That sends a clear message, this business cares so much about service that they are willing to go over-the-top with just about anything. Your business is not just offering mouthwash. No, you’re using mouthwash to refresh relationships.

Why Mouthwash?

You have probably seen businesses offer mints to refresh people’s breath before, but mouthwash is likely a new idea. The truth is mouthwash is not only a cheaper option; it is a healthier option too. When you go out to eat you unknowingly lower the pH levels in your mouth. On average, it takes about 20 minutes for your body to neutralize this acid, and overtime it can cause irreversible erosion to the enamel of your teeth. When your customers use a quality mouthwash after eating, it instantly neutralizes the pH in their mouth and eliminates the acid. Mints leave behind sugar that will increase tooth decay. Mouthwash, however, cleans the teeth of bacteria and helps remove food particles that cause bad breath. This makes your customers and employees even healthier, and healthy people are happier people.


Happy Customer for Life

With your world class customer service, you are going to have so many customers that supplying them all will be your top priority. Good news though, your mouthwash dispenser will keep up every step of the way. Each unit is designed to dispense 1,000,000 cups and keep on running. That’s enough mouthwash to fill a swimming pool; not that we’re suggesting you should. Plus, every dispenser includes a life-time guarantee so the GotFreshBreath Team is always around to help. Basically, when you are off helping a specific person, all your other customers can still be impressed with fresh breath.
Wahoo! That is awesome.

What about Usage?

At this point, you are probably thinking, “Okay, that sounds great but how much mouthwash am I going to need for all these customers?” Great question, each dispenser controls and limits the amount of mouthwash that is dispensed to reduce waste. The units are designed to let someone use a 15 mL shot per cup. If your location has happened to use mouthwash before with a traditional pump dispenser, you will typically see that with our dispensers that this usage is cut back substantially, usually by 1/4th or more. Normally we see six 1.5 liter bottles of mouthwash lasting a high-volume location, similar to a restaurant, around a month.


To get setup, the installation process is super easy, but because we knew it would be important to you, we created an installation video that walks you through the setup step by step. Every dispenser is designed so that they can be mounted on the wall or set on a table and works well in any location near a sink. Most locations will mount them next to their soap and paper towel dispensers. Plus, if you have any questions about how or where to install your NEW units, we keep a few installation experts near the phone everyday. Actually, they are probably a little bored and could use someone to talk to, so feel FREE to call 404.953.5557.

Installation Video


When you need more supplies, you have a few simple ways to place orders: online, by phone, or by email; choose what is best for you. There is no contract or commitment to order a certain amount of supplies; your location can just order supplies as needed. Mouthwash is sold by the case, starting at $63.95, each with FREE shipping. Each case includes between six and eight bottles and cups. You can also add an extra box of cups to the order, if they are ever needed and still get FREE shipping. Plus, with our AutoBill and Invoicing services processing payments on orders is always very quick.

Autobill Invoicing


Some businesses want to make reordering even easier. If that’s you, we also have an optional AutoShip program. With this, your location never has to remember to reorder supplies. This optional program is available FREE of charge for any location. It works by our team creating a custom plan of supplies to be sent to your location and then every three months we check-in to see how you are doing on supplies and adjust accordingly. This ensures that you always have the needed supplies on hand.



So you placed an order, how long does it take to ship? We guarantee that all orders for mouthwash supplies placed by 1pm EST ship the same day. Your order ships FedEx Ground and is dropped off at your location just a few days later. You will also get an email with the tracking number for your packages, so you always know where your supplies are. Plus, we keep a few people around to keep an eye on your order and make sure your items get there quickly. Often, we find and fix shipping delays before they are even noticed.

Delivery Times

So What's Next?

Well, at this point, we hope you are as hooked on the idea of offering mouthwash as we are. Because, it could be the thing that helps take your business to the next level. If that sounds like a nice idea, there are two options from here.

Visit our getting started page, select a few units to try out, and see first hand how impressed your customers are. You take ZERO risk with this option because every order includes a 30-day FREE trial.

Get Started

Contact us to chat about the details a little more. We totally understand that adding something to your business can be a big step, so if you still have questions we would love to answer each of them.

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