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Discover how to make raving fans and happy employees with one easy device.

Receive two FREE Mouthwash Dispensers with the initial order of four mouthwash cases.

How can one simple device WOW your customers?

  • It’s not about the custom flavor made for your menu.
  • It’s not about the cool cup dispenser, mounted on the side.
  • It’s not even about how healthy it is to use alcohol-free mouthwash after a meal.

The real secret to why your customer gets so excited is surprising them with the unexpected. It’s the WOW factor of an upscale amenity that gives them the feeling of being valued and cared for.

Got Fresh Breath was created specifically with restaurants in mind. It eliminates the risk of people tampering with mouthwash and provides comfort in knowing that the cups are stored in a clean environment. With its wall mount, it saves space, and it reduces maintenance by saving cleaning time. Ultimately, Got Fresh Breath provides a unique second mile service that makes raving fans and happy employees.

“The Got Fresh Breath mouthwash is a perfect addition to our CRF strategy and a great example of SMS. It is an unexpected plus for our guests and the whole system is practical and easy to implement.”-Frank Harney
Operator of Stonebridge Village Chick-fil-A.

Before this invention, many operators tried offering mouthwash in their restrooms with mixed results because of problems with counter space and issues of people tampering with the product.

With this system, we have solved all of these problems. In fact, we’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to.

We’re talking:

  • Tamper-Proof Container
  • Precision Dispensing
  • Wall-Mounted Design
  • Built-In Cup Dispenser

…and much more!

We believe it’s the simple pleasures in life, like complimentary mouthwash, that make people feel a touch of honor, dignity, and respect.

“Our guests are pleasantly surprised when they go to the restroom to find the added touch that mouthwash offers. It makes a good experience just that much better.”-Brad Spratte
Operator of Chick-fil-A Northlake Festival.

The System

After a year of development, our team is pleased to offer you the best commercial mouthwash dispenser on the market today.


Security is Key
We don’t mess around when it comes to security. Or should we say, “securi-key.” We know there are some crazies out there. Yeah, we’ve all heard the story about the guy that tries to steal mouthwash and drink the whole bottle. Unfortunately for him, our mouthwash doesn’t contain alcohol, and it’s also tamper-proof.Each dispenser comes with a locking system and security key that prevents the public from getting the mouthwash bottles out of the dispenser and from putting any contaminants into the bottle.

Dispense 1,000,000 Cups

We all know that your customers love one thing…okay, well, they love the food, but based on our research, they also love dispensing personal-size mouthwash into those little paper cups. We’ve literally seen customers walk out of the restrooms and tell their friends how awesome the mouthwash is – no kiddin’.We’ve also seen them say so on facebook, blogs, and twitter. In fact, we know that they love it so much, they’re going to be coming back for years. Luckily, our state-of-the-art dispenser can deliver the perfect amount of mouthwash over a million times, every time. That’s enough mouthwash to fill a swimming pool; not that we’re suggesting you should.

Can I Get a Refill?
In order to satisfy your thirst for tasty mouthwash, we ship (6*) bottles of our secret sauce with every order! That’s right! You get not one, not two, but six bottles + 720 cups in each refill case.

A Health Choice

When you go out to eat you unknowingly lower the pH levels in your mouth. On average, it will take about 20 minutes for your body to neutralize this acid, and overtime it can cause irreversible erosion to the enamel of your teeth.When your customers use a quality mouthwash after eating, it instantly neutralizes the pH in their mouth and eliminates the acid. Mints leave behind sugar that will increase tooth decay. Mouthwash, however, will clean the teeth of bacteria and help remove food particles that cause bad breath.


“Using Got Fresh Breath is another solid way to separate us as a premium quick service restaurant.” -Bobby Shoemaker
Operator of Chick-fil-A of Gainesville.


The Questions I’m Asked Most Frequently

If we were face-to-face over a cup of coffee, our team would personally answer all your questions about our product. But since we’re not, let us do the next best thing…

Here are the top ten questions Got Fresh Breath gets asked most frequently and our answers.

How quickly will I run out of supplies?
It depends on your volume of customers. On average, most retail stores that have 2 dispensers (one for each restroom) consume about 4-6 bottles of mouthwash per month. Each bottle of mouthwash contains approximately 120 servings. You can reorder through our online store, or contact us by phone.
How will you ship my GFB? Dispenser?
Our products are all shipped FedEX Ground. We recommend ordering two cases at a time and reordering when you get down to one case in order to prevent down time during shipping. Shipping may be slow, but the refill package does include everyone’s favorite thing, FREE SHIPPING!
What is your return policy?
For items that have not been used, we accept returns up to 90 days after delivery. Except for the first 90 days you have the system installed (when our money-back guarantee applies), used items are not returnable.
Where will my dispenser ship from?
From our warehouse in Dahlonega, GA.
Are your dispensers easy to keep clean?
They are really easy to maintain. Our recommendation is to wipe them down and check the drip tray for spills with every regularly scheduled restroom cleaning.
Does Got Fresh Breath have alcohol in it?
No. To give you and your customers peace of mind, we have avoided all types of alcohol and drugs in the ingredients. Our dispenser was created for business owners looking to WOW their customers. We found that many drugs can cause allergic reactions, or carry negative connotations. This mouthwash was created to be safely enjoyed by all of your customers.
What if a dispenser part breaks?
Although our parts rarely ever have problems, we recognize that accidents can happen. If you need a replacement part, just give us a call. We’ll help you diagnose the problem and we’ll walk you through a simple ordering process.
How can I reorder mouthwash and cups?
You can reorder through our website one case at a time. Or, if you prefer, you can set up automatic ordering, while still maintaining the ability to adjust the frequency of shipments at anytime.
Is it easy to assemble?
Yes, our dispenser is super easy to assemble. We recommend watching our quick video for play-by-play instructions.
Does the Got Fresh Breath dispenser withstand daily use in a public restroom?
Yes, This dispenser is designed with your restaurant in mind. If you experience any problems with our dispenser, give us a call and let us WOW you with our customer service.

You Take ZERO Risk

We are so confident you will be satisfied with the WOW this product puts in your restroom, we offer the following guarantee:

If you don’t find this product helpful and worth every penny you pay, just send it back to us, and we will quickly and courteously refund your money. No questions asked for the next 90 days.

“The Got Fresh Breath dispenser looks good and protects against someone messing with the mouthwash.”-Lawson Bailey
Operator of Chick-fil-A of Sandy Springs

It’s not just fresh breath…it’s wowing your customer.

You have an opportunity to introduce the world to an entirely better way to improve oral health while dining out. Ultimately, it’s not just about bad breath. It’s about the magic of creating an environment with a built in WOW factor. An environment that feels like a home away from home.  You won’t believe how excited people get when they use this dispenser. We truly believe it is your next secret weapon in creating raving fans.

The Offer

While supplies last, we are offering two free dispensers with an order of four cases of mouthwash. Each case comes with 6 bottles (1500 ml each) and 720 cups.

All for just $199.95.

A mouthwash case last for 720 uses, and on average, one case will last a high-volume Chick-fil-A for around a month.

Chick-fil-A Locations Only

To confirm this order just provide the following information and we will put your FREE Mouthwash Dispensers and mouthwash in the mail.