Same-day Fulfillment Guarantee

We guarantee mouthwash cases ordered by 1pm EST ship the same business day.

What is the definition of a business day?

We define a business-day as a day where FedEx Ground is picking up and when the GotFreshBreath Warehouse is open. Our warehouse mostly keeps the same calendar as the FedEx Ground Pickup Calendar, so they should almost always match. Days with weather, disaster, or act-of-God delays are also excluded.

Are there any exceptions?

We are not able to offer a same business-day fulfillment guarantee on out-of-stock, pre-order, or backorder items that are pre-announced online. This offer also only applies to orders placed online or by phone by 1pm EST on the same business-day. The GotFreshBreath server time will also be the clock-of-record. Orders placed via email, text, voicemail, through third-parties or any other platform are only covered if the confirmation email for the order is sent back to you by 1pm EST on the same business-day. A payment for the order or approval to order an invoice must also be received by 1pm EST on the same business-day for the guarantee to apply. The guarantee also only applies to mouthwash case orders of less than $500 USD in total. If out-of-stock, pre-order, or backorder items are ordered along with the mouthwash cases the guarantee does not apply. We also reserve the right to review the same business-day fulfillment guarantee on a location by location basis; meaning we may offer your location a more tailored guarantee should it be needed. This offer is also void when in conflict or violation of any law or trade agreement. Also, in some states sales tax may not be refundable.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about our same business-day fulfillment guarantee or any general questions about GotFreshBreath, please let us know. We would love to chat! Otherwise, we hope you will give a unit a try in your location.

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