Ordering For Personal Homes

Three Challenges...

It is pretty common for people to be interested in using our mouthwash dispensers in their personal residence. Although we are unbelievably grateful for this interest, we don't recommend using GotFreshBreath in your home because our current product line is not really a great fit. We want to be super transparent about this, so here's why.

  1. Challenge One: THE DISPENSER'S SIZE. In businesses, it is very important that dispensers hold a lot of mouthwash at once so they do not have to be serviced as often. Because of this, our dispensers are designed to accommodate holding 1.5 liters of mouthwash at a time. This is great for businesses, but in a residential bathroom the dispensers can be large and hard to fit on most bathroom countertops.
  2. Challenge Two: ORDERING MOUTHWASH. Because businesses need a lot of mouthwash to service customers going in and out of their locations, we sell mouthwash by the case, which includes six to eight 1.5 liter bottles and a box of cups. For a business, that case usually lasts around a month. However, in a home with a family of four all using mouthwash everyday, it would easily last over a year.
  3. Challenge Three: SHIPPING. Now you are probably thinking, "Okay, well could you not just sell me less mouthwash for my home? Maybe just two or three bottles?" That is smart thinking, and we have really looked into that option. The problem is that shipping only three bottles at a time increases the shipping cost per bottle so much that you would likely wind up having to pay over $11 per bottle. Ouch, no one should have to pay that much.

Maybe One Day...

We will create a mouthwash dispenser specifically for use in a home environment. However, for now, are current dispenser is not a great fit. So sadly, we ask that you not install the units in your home. If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us.