Extra Box of 600 Cups

$13.95 · Free Shipping with Mouthwash

Each box comes with 600 individually branded paper cups. You will probably not need to order this often because every mouthwash case always includes cups, but just in case you do this is the product for you. Plus, this product includes FREE Shipping when you order a mouthwash case along with it.

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Order before Saturday at 1pm EST for delivery by Wednesday, 6/19, in most states. Delivery Times

What If You Only Need Cups?

Sadly, this is the only product we sell that does not include free shipping. We do not do that to be mean. It is just hard to ship one box of cups to you at an affordable price with shipping included. But great news, we can if we are shipping you mouthwash too. So if you need extra cups, the best thing to do is order them along with a mouthwash case. If for some reason you cannot do that, we recommend ordering a few extra boxes, maybe 3 or 4 at once. This will help lower the cost of shipping per box and help save you money long term.

What Is Next?

If you are a current customer looking for more supplies, please visit our reorder page. We will get your supplies in the mail today. Otherwise, to place your first order, check out our getting started page.

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