Auto Mouthwash Dispenser

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The NEW Auto Mouthwash Dispenser is freshly designed to take offering mouthwash to a whole new level. It provides a perfectly filled cup of mouthwash with just a single push of a button, enabling everyone to easily use the unit while controlling the amount of mouthwash dispensed.

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Product Details

Colors Black GFB0AUTBL01A
Size 10.25 in x 18 in x 4 in
Valve Hands-free electronic
Locking Fulling locking outer case for mouthwash and cups
Usage 800 uses per case
Install Both wall-mounting or self-standing
Batteries 4 D-Batteries, included
  • Can the dispenser be refilled with different mouthwash?

    Our dispensers are not refillable and work only with GotFreshBreath Mouthwash Bottles. Refilling bottles in any environment creates an increased risk of cross contamination. Our dispensers are created to be a closed system to make everything safer. If having a unit that can be refilled is important to you, we would recommend looking for a different solution.

Protected Three Times Over
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    A lifetime guarantee on every dispenser. As long as you are reordering mouthwash supplies, you never have to pay for any replacement parts. If something goes wrong, we are here to get you up and running quickly.

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    30-day money back guarantee with your first purchase. You take ZERO risk! If you do not find GotFreshBreath to be worth every penny you paid, return the product for a full refund.

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    Same-day fulfillment on mouthwash case orders. If your supplies are ordered by 2pm EST, we guarantee that it ships the same-day.

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Precision Dispensing

This unit has a custom designed valve created specifically to dispense 15 milliliters of mouthwash into a paper cup at the push of a button. We are really not joking. Your customers push one button and a paper cup is dispensed and filled with mouthwash. The dispenser holds a 1.5 liter bottle and 50 cups at a time. Each bottle is good for 100 uses and the mouthwash is dispensed with no waste or mess. This converts to massive usage savings on mouthwash when compared to traditional pump dispensers or decanters.

Usage Savings


This mouthwash dispenser fully encloses both the mouthwash bottles and the paper cups inside of a locking, tamperproof, outer shell. This ensures that both the mouthwash and cups are stored in a clean environment and eliminates the risk of people tampering with the mouthwash. It also provides comfort in knowing that the unit dispenses mouthwash in a safe and sanitary way. There is no other mouthwash dispensing system on the market that keeps your business as safe as the GotFreshBreath tamperproof system.

Install Anywhere

This mouthwash dispenser is both wall-mounting and self-standing. However, we recommend that the dispenser be mounted to the wall to help prevent the unit from accidentally getting knocked over or broken, particularly in environments with high family traffic. If you have any questions about installing the unit, check out this video for a step by step guide.

Installation Guide

ADA Compliant

This dispenser is designed to be fully ADA compliant. It is simple to operate and is designed to be used by everyone. Plus, it only extends from the wall four inches, so it can even be mounted in high traffic areas.

Tested & Approved

You can take comfort in knowing that this dispenser has been tested and loved by thousands of locations across the country. They were designed specifically for commercial use and many restaurants, flight centers, event venues, office buildings, theaters, universities, hotels, country clubs and medical centers use the units daily.

Heads Up

Please be aware that this dispenser will only work with our GotFreshBreath Mouthwash Bottles & Cups (sold separately).

Trusted by thousands of customers across North America

What Is Next?

This dispenser is a game changer when it comes to offering mouthwash, and your customers and employees will love it. But don’t take our word for it! In fact, we recommend ordering a unit and trying it out in your location to see if these dispensers are a good fit for you. With our 30-Day FREE Trial, you can do this and take zero risk. So, from here, there are two options.

Visit our getting started page, select a few units to try out and see first hand how impressed your customers and employees are.

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Learn a little more about the units. If you still have questions, we totally get that! Our System Page walks you through all the details.

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