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Thousands of businesses, like yours, have started using mouthwash to turn customers and employees into raving fans. Offering mouthwash not only gives everyone fresh breath but conveys to each of them how much they are valued. You don’t have to take our word on this, there are numerous businesses throughout the country that can backup these results.

Flight Centers
Country Clubs
Medical Locations
Are You a Fit?

We have seen mouthwash dispensers installed in a wide range of businesses. The common denominator between every location is they strive to show unforgettable hospitality in everything they do. If your location also has that goal, then GotFreshBreath is something worth trying out. If not, we would recommend passing on mouthwash for the time being.

“Just as you predicted, the customers love the mouthwash. Several have unsolicited and positively commented that, ‘They could not believe it was available. Additionally, it is frequently stated that mouthwash, in the restrooms, is associated with upscale restaurants and the customers feel that it puts us in another category not typical to a fast food restaurant (which is where I want to be).”
Mike Ridzon
Restaurant Operator

What Industries Offer Mouthwash?

The list includes: restaurants, office buildings, theaters, flight centers, churches, schools/colleges, medical offices, dental offices, country clubs, gyms, hotels, funeral homes, retail/grocery stores, and countless others. If your industry values having amazing customer service and is looking for new ways to keep improving, GotFreshBreath would be worth trying out.


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Your Location Could Too!

Hearing about how other locations have benefited from offering mouthwash is great, but seeing it for yourself is completely different. Good news, though! The system can speak for itself. If you give a few mouthwash dispensers a try, both your customers and employees will love it. In fact, we guarantee it so you take no risk.

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