Auto Installation Guide

Auto Dispensers


1 Placement

We recommend mounting the dispenser as high as possible near the restroom sink, while still adhering to the ADA guidelines for the location.

2 Mounting

If you are using the Wall Mounting Kit, remove the mounting bracket from the back of the dispenser and mark on the wall the location for the provided screws. When mounting on tile, it is only necessary to use two screws in the grout joint between the tiles. For other surfaces, please use all four mounting screws. Predrill a hole and insert the plastic sinks. The included adhesive pads are only for temporary use during installation. The unit needs to be mounted using screws to help prevent it from falling off the wall and getting damaged.

If you are using the Glass Mounting Kit, thoroughly clean the location on the glass where the unit is going. Then remove the mounting bracket from the back of the dispenser and apply the “Gorilla Heavy Duty 30 lbs Double-Sided Mounting Tape” to the back of the mounting bracket in three strips down the left, right and middle. Once the glass is completely dry, firmly press the bracket to the glass, and let it set for 6 hours before attaching the dispenser.

3 Set-Screw

Slide the dispenser onto the mounting bracket. Use the set-screw, the smallest included screw, to lock the dispenser in place. Place this screw inside the dispenser in the hole located about two inches above the valve near the middle of the cup dispenser. This prevents the unit from being removed or bumped off the wall.

4 Batteries

Next, load the four included batteries in the tray located in the inside bottom-left corner of the dispenser. Please be sure to insert batteries properly.

5 Cups

Remove one sleeve of cups from their packaging and insert it into the top of cup dispenser bottom-first.

6 Mouthwash

Remove the cap from the mouthwash bottle to expose the seal. Carefully turn the bottle upside down and firmly push the bottle onto the valve within the mouthwash dispenser. When replacing the bottle, be careful to not spill mouthwash, causing damage to the unit’s electronics. In the event of a spill, be sure to thoroughly wipe up any liquid and remaining residue.

7 Maintenance

While cleaning, do not wet the motor or batteries. We recommend wiping down the dispenser regularly with a standard cleaner, followed by drying with a clean towel. To help prevent shortened battery life, keep the dispenser dry and away from humidity.

8 Active Guarantee

After getting your dispenser installed, please activate the unit’s guarantee by visiting the setup page. Heads up, you will be asked for the unit identification number, which is printed on the inside door of each dispenser.