How to install a mouthwash dispenser?

Step 1: Choose Placement

We recommend mounting the mouthwash dispenser as high as possible, while still adhering to ADA guidelines for your location.

Step 2: Install Mount

Remove mounting bracket from back of dispenser and peel the cover off both adhesive pads. Pre-drill a hole and insert plastic sinks. (Note: When mounting on tile, it is only necessary to use two screws in the grout joint of the tile.) Then, adhere the mounting bracket to the location you have chosen and attach with screws.

Step 3: Attach Cup Dispenser

Remove the cup dispenser from its packaging and firmly slide the three pieces together. Next, insert the cup dispenser into the grooves on the side of the mouthwash dispenser until it snaps into place. The red button should be facing the user.

Step 4: Set-Screw

Use the set-screw (smallest screw in bag) to screw the dispenser to the mounting bracket. Place this screw in the hole inside the dispenser located directly above valve. This prevents customers from removing the dispenser from the wall.

Step 5: Load Mouthwash

Remove cap from mouthwash bottle to expose the seal. Carefully turn the bottle upside down and firmly push the bottle onto the valve within the mouthwash dispenser.

Step 6: Insert Cups

Remove cups from packaging and slide them bottom-first into the cup dispenser.