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Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will I run out of supplies?

It depends on your volume of customers. On average, most retail stores that have 2 dispensers (one for each washroom) consume about 4-6 bottles of mouthwash per month. Each bottle of mouthwash contains approximately 120 servings. You can reorder through our online store, or contact us by phone.

How will you ship my GFB? Dispenser?

Our products are all shipped Fedex Ground.

What is your return policy?

We accept returns up to 15 days after delivery. We’ll only accept returns on items that have not been used.

Where will my dispenser ship from?

From our warehouse in Dahlonega, GA.

Are your dispensers easy to keep clean?

They are really easy to maintain. Our recommendation is to wipe them down and check the drip tray for spills with your regularly scheduled restroom-cleaning schedule.

Is it easy to assemble?

Yes, our dispenser is super easy to assemble. We recommend watching our quick video for play-by-play instructions. Click Here to Watch!

Does the Got Fresh Breath dispenser withstand daily use in a public restroom?

Yes, this dispenser is designed with your restaurant in mind. If you experience any problems with our dispenser, give us a call and let us wow you with our customer service.

Does GotFreshBreath have any active ingredients?

To give you and your customers peace of mind, we have avoided controversial active ingredients and use essential oils. Our dispenser was created for business owners looking to wow their customers. We found that many active ingredients can cause allergic reactions, or carry negative connotations. This mouthwash was created to be safely enjoyed by your customers.

What if a dispenser part breaks?

Although our parts rarely ever have problems, we recognize that accidents can happen. If you need a replacement part, just give us a call. We’ll help you diagnose the problem and we’ll walk you through a simple ordering process.

How can I reorder mouthwash and cups?

You can reorder through our website one case at a time. Click here if you would like to reorder supplies online. Or, if you prefer, you can set up automatic ordering, while still maintaining the ability to adjust the frequency of shipments at anytime.