Would your customers be interested in giving GotFreshBreath a try?

Maybe this product line sounds like something that, your sales team could roll out across the locations you service. If so, we offer the opportunity for select distributors to carry GotFreshBreath.

As a GotFreshBreath Distributor, we help you educate your sales team about the product line and offer a roll-out-incentive so they get excited about selling. This is a fun product to tell customers about when making a sales call and during the roll-out we help create fun ways to help them promote the idea of offering mouthwash. Our goal is to help you launch the line quickly so that, your sales team can really buy in to the idea.

Are Your Customers a Fit?

If your distribution company services businesses that strive to create unforgettable environments for their customers, this could be a good fit to add to your product offering.