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Three Ways to Improve Customer Service at your Restaurant

Posted On February 4, 2013

At many restaurants, “customer service” is discussed in manager meetings, but never really defined. Yet, as the economy forces customers to eat out less frequently, the difference in obtaining the majority of the business can come down to customer service. In fact, a recent Gallup Study determined that one of the most powerful drivers of engagement when it comes to food is being treated like a “valued customer”; after this driver, it would be the overall taste of the food and the initial greeting. So, the following information will provide you with three ways to improve your restaurant’s customer service. Install a tamper-proof mouthwash dispenser Although this may seem like an odd way to improve customer service at your restaurant, it is an unexpected service that can really impress. In fact, wowing your customers with mouthwash can be much more beneficial than you can imagine. In other words, many people … Continue reading

Going The Extra Mile For Your Customers

Posted On January 30, 2013

The value of customer service was thrust into the spotlight recently when the story of a heartwarming gesture hit the Web. When a restaurant manager gave an expectant mom a complimentary meal, a copy of the receipt went viral, with Web users across the globe weighing in on the awesomeness of the act. The restaurant, Red Robin, has a company-wide policy of going above and beyond for their guests. In some cases, managers have been known to present a card or special gift to couples celebrating an anniversary. Another reported one manager allowing a 4-year-old girl to act as a “waitress for a day” taking customer orders in the restaurant. Some people may wonder what these small acts of kindness have to do with the overall task of running a restaurant. With stiff competition for a limited number of customers, there is a high bar for owners to reach when … Continue reading

We believe that environment matters.

Posted On October 23, 2012

This is a product I created for the ambitious restaurant operator who is always trying to raise the bar…the guys that lie awake at night dreaming of ways to make his restaurant more successful. My goal is to connect with business owners that believe that environment matters and that something magical happens when every sensory experience your customer has with your brand is designed to surpass their expectations and this mouthwash dispenser is a perfect expression of that idea. That is why so many operators across the nation are installing it in their restaurants. Their customer’s have never seen anything like this and it gives them a more personal experience in a public washroom than they have every had. The restaurant operator we are connecting with love to go the second mile. That is why it is designed with a removable drip tray, a cartridge with 120 uses per refills, … Continue reading