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Did you know that your bad breath could be negatively impacting your relationships?

Posted On March 24, 2013

It’s true! Recent studies on bad breath, also called “halitosis,” revealed some very interesting findings on bad breath and how this often-chronic condition can impact you and your relationships with others. Consider the following interesting facts about bad breath: Your bad breath can impact your confidence! A total of 7 out of 10 people said they’d feel less confident meeting someone of the opposite gender if they suspect they may have bad breath. Think your friend will tell you if you have bad breath? Think again. More than 8 out of 10 people said they would feel uncomfortable telling a friend about their bad breath. A total of 85% said they’d feel more comfortable telling someone that their fly is open. Bad breath is a new dating relationship deal breaker for 9 out of 10 people, who said it was a turn-off that they simply wouldn’t be able to look … Continue reading

The Top Five Mouthwash Types and the Active Ingredients You Should Know!

Posted On March 13, 2013

Do you have bad breath even after brushing? Do you want to take total care of your oral hygiene? You might have tried a number of remedies but probably forgot the most essential one and that is mouthwash. Brushing alone will not do you any good if it is not followed by flossing and oral rinsing. Rinsing is a vital part of oral care and should be included in the daily dental regime. These days, a great range of mouthwashes are available in the market. Let’s have a look at some of these: Fluoride mouthwash – These mouthwashes have fluoride which can help to strengthen your teeth against decay and fight cavities. However, since your toothpaste and the drinking water may contain fluoride, ingesting too much fluoride can be detrimental. It can be beneficial for people living in rural areas with no access to fluorinated water. Cosmetic mouthwash – These … Continue reading

6 Tips and Tricks to Fabulous Fresh Breath!

Posted On March 13, 2013

If you’re looking for fabulous fresh breath, the first step is getting your very own Got Fresh Breath mouthwash dispenser! It’s ideal for home, the office and an array of other commercial and workplace setting. But in addition to freshening up with a dash of mouthwash from the handy Got Fresh Breath dispenser, there are a number of other tricks and tips to avoid bad breath that you should add to your knowledge arsenal! Try the following tips to eliminate bad breath. Eat a healthy diet and avoid foods like onion, garlic, dairy, eggs and meats (the latter contain proteins which cause bad breath). In addition, remember to eat sufficient carbs to avoid ketosis, which is another common cause of bad breath. Also avoid acidic foods and drinks like citrus and coffee; they lower the pH of your mouth and create a prime environment for bacteria growth. Avoid sugary drinks, … Continue reading

4th of the Top Five Mouthwash Types -NATURAL (HERBAL) MOUTHWASH

Posted On March 13, 2013

Gone are the days when people used to think that only brushing your teeth was enough. With an increasing awareness to ward off germs from the mouth, people have come to realize that mouthwashes have a great role to play. While it is true that, a range of mouthwashes are available on the market these days, but is every mouthwash for you? Not really! However, there is one mouthwash that is suitable for all age groups and that is natural mouthwash. You have already used some of the herbal products earlier and now it is time to use herbal mouthwash. The most appealing quality of natural mouthwashes is the fact that it is made from natural ingredients. Typically such mouthwashes contain aloe vera, peppermint, tea tree, myrrh, Echinacea etc. To add some color, natural mouthwashes use vegetable juices. Moreover, for its sweetening taste herbs like stevia are used. Stevia does … Continue reading

Does Your Breath Smell Bad? You Are What You Eat.

Posted On March 12, 2013

Food and drink are a common cause of bad breath, from alcohol and garlic, to onions and coffee and beyond. Bad breath can occur in two ways: it can occur due to the build-up of bacteria in the mouth and it can waft up from the stomach and esophagus. The bacteria convert amino acids and other compounds into sulfur compounds, which can cause a very strong bad breath odor. Drinks and food that cause bad breath typically fall into four basic categories: Acidic – Acidic foods and drinks like coffee, citrus fruits and juices from citrus fruits can cause bacteria to reproduce at a much faster rate. Proteins – Foods that are high in protein like meat, eggs, milk and dairy products tend to leave behind amino acids, which are then converted into sulfur compounds — the cause of some of the worst bad breath odors. Sugar – Sugar-filled foods … Continue reading

Does Your Breath Smell Bad? It Could be an Infection.

Posted On March 12, 2013

Infections such as upper respiratory tract infections and colds are a commonplace cause of bad breath. In the case of respiratory infections, the bacteria in the throat, esophagus, lungs and airway emit an odor. The dark, damp, warm conditions are ideal for the formation of bacteria and as the cells die, the decomposition process creates odors that waft upwards, causing bad breath. Similarly, sinus infections and tonsillitis can also lead to bad breath. Other sources of infection like gum disease and even tooth decay can also cause bad breath. Cavities often include a pocket of infection, which emits odor that causes you to have bad breath. Similarly, mouth piercings can also harbor bacteria. Bacteria accumulates inside the piercing and on the jewelry, so it’s best to clean tongue, cheek and lip piercings on a regular basis. It’s best to perform cleanings daily as part of your tooth brushing routine. The … Continue reading

Gum disease is one of the more common causes of halitosis – the formal term for bad breath.

Posted On March 12, 2013

The mouth is home to approximately 600 different types of bacteria. The warm, dark and moist atmosphere of the mouth makes it an ideal location for bacteria growth, which is one of the primary causes of bad breath. Bad breath is caused by the bacteria that grow on the teeth and in the gums. As the bacteria, amino acids and proteins undergo degradation and decomposition, an odor is emitted. That’s bad breath! To treat gum disease, your dentist will typically perform a thorough cleaning that will remove plaque, tartar and other build-up. In cases where infection is present, antibiotics may be prescribed. In addition to pursuing proper dental treatment for gum disease, use of mouthwash will help keep your mouth feeling fresh, minty and clean! It’s a great option to maintain fresh breath during and after undergoing gum disease treatment. The Got Fresh Breath mouthwash dispenser is an ideal solution … Continue reading

3rd of the Top Five Mouthwash Types – TOTAL CARE MOUTHWASH

Posted On March 10, 2013

As the name says it all, total care mouthwash consists of many benefits in just one mouthwash. The antibacterial ingredients in total care mouthwashes are the most appealing. These ingredients concentrate on preventing gum diseases, fighting plaque and helping with bad breath. Apart from these, they also restore tooth enamel, help to avoid cavities, cleanse the mouth and leave you with a fresh breath for quite a long time. Now, if you thought that it is good for everybody, you need to give it a second thought. Yes, these definitely live up to their promises but it is the ingredients that you have to look into. Some of the total care mouthwashes have alcohol and fluoride included in them. Alcohol in mouthwash is a real no-no for kids and the elderly. The alcohol-enriched mouthwash will cause a kind of burning sensation when rinsed with. Also, these can make your mouth … Continue reading

2nd of the Top Five Mouthwash Types – Cosmetic Mouthwash

Posted On March 9, 2013

If you have thought about brushing your teeth more than twice a day to get fresh breath, then mouthwashes are made for you. Of course, the foam of your toothpaste cannot keep germs and bad breath away for a long time. Add to it a mid-afternoon lunch date and you have the recipe for doom. Mouthwashes can help. Cosmetic mouthwashes are very popular as OTC (Over the Counter) answers to bad breath. Most of the people like to keep feeling clean and fresh all day long. However, as we cannot carry a tooth paste and tooth brush where ever we go, it is good to keep a bottle of mouthwash handy. They help remove bad breath and come in a variety of flavors to keep your mouth feeling refreshed. The effects of a mouthwash do not stay very long. It can only last up to 3 hours. However, if you … Continue reading

The Benefits of Using Mouthwash

Posted On March 4, 2013

Although dentists suggest the daily use of mouthwash, some people may not understand the exact reasons they should use it. The fact is that mouthwash has many benefits that come along with its use. So, while you may think brushing and flossing your teeth is sufficient in your fight against dental diseases, think again – you need mouthwash also! Mouthwash can kill germs in difficult to reach areas. Flossing and brushing only fight the germs that are in the places they reach, so it is essential for you to have a secondary plan of attack to keep your mouth clean. In that secondary plan, you need to include the use of mouthwash as it can get in between the teeth, and reach other places that brushing and flossing cannot. The use of mouthwash can help fight numerous types of germs, and proves to the best method for cleaning your entire … Continue reading