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The Nordstrom Legends

Posted On May 22, 2013

Unhappy customers will take to the internet forms and blogs to post ranting reviews faster than you can count to 10. Now, in this age where information travels at the speed of thought, it is more important than ever to make sure your customer service is running at optimal performance. Too many times companies spend very little resources on customer service and do not put in the necessary time or money into training. No one is more aware of this fact than Nordstrom’s, the high end department store whose amazing customer service stories are a thing of legend all across the internet. One of the biggest Nordstrom’s legend is called the “the snow tire story.” It took place in Alaska where a man attempted to return some snow tire chains with a receipt that was obviously from another store. Since the customer was visibly upset the store manager refunded the … Continue reading

The River of Customer Service Stories Go Viral

Posted On May 2, 2013

When Jeff Bezos founded Amazon.com he knew that need needed three things in order to become the largest online super store on the planet. He needed the largest, most diverse inventory imaginable. He knew he needed to have the lowest prices possible. And most importantly, he wanted to make his customers happy. The thousands of items and low prices, properly marketed, would surly bring the traffic he wanted but in order to truly be successful he needed customer loyalty, customers that came back again and again. The only way to build customer loyalty like that is through customer service. Consumer will buy from companies that treat them fairly and welcome their business with flexible policies and friendly staff. When you do 100% of your transactions online and your customers only interact with your staff when something goes wrong, then your customer service needs to be flawless with no exceptions. Amazon has an amazingly forgiving return policy and they have been known to … Continue reading

The Keys To The (Magic) Kingdom

Posted On April 12, 2013

You might not realize it, but your company has a huge competitive advantage over Disney. No matter how great you are, most likely your customers have not been dreaming about visiting you since they were small children. It’s most likely that your customers do not have to save up for years in order to buy your product. These are the tough issues that Disney has to face at their theme parks, a tremendous amount of pressure to perform. The amazing thing is, they do. Again and again they exceed customer expectations, making sure each guest has a magical experience with them. Disney realizes that front-line employees are the key to their success. Customer interaction is absolutely critical to their success. They call all of their staff members “cast” and their mission is to be “aggressively friendly.” What does this mean? It means actively seeking out opportunities to interact with customers … Continue reading

Exceptional Customer Service

Posted On April 4, 2013

While people like to poke fun from time to time at the most globally successful coffee shop of all time, Starbucks, has gone above and beyond customer expectations time and time again. There is a reason for Starbucks’ wild popularity and that reason is – they hire the right people and train them to do the right things. There have been blogs, news stories and even entire books dedicated to the formula of Starbucks’ award-winning customer service. It seems that the coffee giant has figured out the secret to customer satisfaction isn’t entirely about the product, but more about the people behind the counter. In addition to a comfortable atmosphere, trendy drinks, free Wi-Fi, and a culture of community, Starbucks serves up an exceptional customer experiences each and every day. They hire friendly staff, called baristas, who are energetic, helpful and good a providing unexpected service. They provide extensive customer service … Continue reading

What is good customer service?

Posted On April 4, 2013

Zappos.com and The Wow Factor. Zappos, an online shoe and apparel superstore, has such phenomenal customer service that they have made a side business out of teaching others the methods behind their success. You know you must be on to something good when other retailers are looking to you for guidance! Although online shopping has become much more common place lately, shoppers still have a bit of an intimidation factor when buying online without the face to face interaction they are accustom to. It would be very easy for an online retailer to get too caught up in the technological features of their website and lose sight of the customer experience. Zappos made sure this didn’t happen to them by making their first core value, “Deliver WOW through service.” When you’re talking about an online store, customer service is taking place 100% by call center employees. Zappos’ call center consists … Continue reading

5 P’s for Perfect Breath

Posted On March 31, 2013

5 P’s for Perfect Breath Got Fresh Breath? Your customers will notice. Thirty-two percent of employees cite bad breath as one of the least desirable traits of their co-workers. This was shocking to me even though I recently read a report from the American Dental Hygienists’ Association that said forty million Americans suffer from bad breath. With this bad breath epidemic spreading throughout the work place, it is easy to imagine that a lot of people are self-conscious about their breath. Fortunately, Got Fresh Breath has you covered with our list of 5 ways to get fresh breath on the go! 1. Purge the Plaque. The biggest cause of your stinky breath is plaque. If you’re not cleaning house twice a day, in your mouth, chances are your co-workers and clients have something they’re afraid to tell you. This sticky stuff builds up on your chompers and harbors bacteria. When … Continue reading

20 minutes for 24/7 fresh breath

Posted On March 24, 2013

We all know that you should brush your teeth after eating, but did you know that failing to brush your teeth soon after you eat can still result in plaque and tartar buildup? And tartar and plaque are a main contributor and cause of bad breath. Within 20 minutes of eating, the enzymes and bacteria in your mouth start transforming the food particles into plaque and tartar. Once this forms, it cannot be brushed away; you must have the tartar removed by your dentist who will use professional cleaning tools to remove the accumulation. So brushing within 20 minutes of eating is an absolutely essential step to fresh breath and healthy gums and teeth! Tartar and plaque result in periodontal disease such as gum disease and gingivitis. And these conditions cause bad breath, among many other uncomfortable and unappealing symptoms. And don’t forget to brush your tongue too! We recommend … Continue reading

Did you know that a dry mouth is a main cause of bad breath?

Posted On March 24, 2013

Dry mouth, also known as “cotton mouth,” can occur as a result of a wide range of medical issues or even as a result of medications, which can cause mouth dryness as a side effect. Some common causes of dry mouth include: Pregnancy Dehydration Anxiety and stress Periodontal and gum disease High blood pressure (hypertension) Diabetes Parkinson’s disease Sjögren’s syndrome Cystic fibrosis Alzheimer’s disease Rheumatoid arthritis Nerve damage And many others. In fact, dry mouth is a primary cause of morning breath! Many people sleep with an open mouth and many also get dehydrated while sleeping, which results in that notoriously terrible morning breath. The formal name for dry mouth is “xerostomia.” Dry mouth causes bad breath because the lack of saliva decreases the amount of oxygen that’s present inside the mouth’s micro-environment. This creates conditions that are ripe for anaerobic – oxygen-phobic – bacteria, which produce sulfur. It’s these … Continue reading

Did you know that the shape of your tongue can impact your breath?

Posted On March 24, 2013

It’s true! Tongue shape can make you more prone to having bad breath. Bad breath is caused by bacteria and the break-down of enzymes, proteins and other microscopic oral occupants. It’s said that the tongue is responsible for 85% to 90% of all halitosis cases! Your tongue is covered with little bumps called papillae, which form a thick, carpet-like covering on your tongue. They are home to your taste buds but they can also trap food particles and bacteria. Some individuals have taller, longer papillae, which are a bit more like shag carpeting – so they trap more bacteria, food particles and so forth. This makes you more prone to bad breath. In other people, there is an over-production of keratin and skin cells on the tongue’s surface; this can also cause bad breath and odor as the matter degrades. In addition, there’s a crease or indentation running down the … Continue reading

Got Oral Pain? Get Fresh Breath.

Posted On March 24, 2013

Did you know that cavities, formally known as “dental caries,” don’t just cause pain, discomfort and infection? They can also cause bad breath! Tooth decay occurs when the oral bacteria produce acids that eat away at the tooth enamel. Sugars and other particles form a plaque on your teeth; this creates an ideal environment for the bacteria that causes tooth decay. The acids can begin attacking your tooth enamel within 20 minutes of eating, which is why it’s so important to brush immediately after eating or drinking. Once a cavity forms, it becomes an ideal hiding spot for bacteria which can cause infections and odor — odor that causes bad breath! Bacteria and food particles can become trapped inside the cavity, which then emits an odor. Infection can not only spread to other areas of your mouth, causing even more intense odor and pain; if it reaches the soft, nerve-rich … Continue reading