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Fresh Breath while Working Out at Crossfit

Posted On December 23, 2013

Crossfit gyms may offer great workout services and showers to their patrons, but what about those who do not have the time to take a shower after working out? A mouthwash dispenser can be an excellent addition to any Crossfit gym and will give the patrons an opportunity to quickly freshen their breath any time during their work out. The mouthwash dispenser is also convenient for employees. They can use the dispenser to freshen their breath after their lunch break or anytime they feel the need. The mouthwash dispenser is small and compact and can be easily mounted to a wall or placed on a stable surface. It is easy to use as well as to refill and will quickly become a hit at any Crossfit gym. The mouthwash dispenser allows all patrons to experience fresh breath at any time they desire. It will element the need to carry around … Continue reading

Should Airports Carry Mouthwash Dispensers?

Posted On October 16, 2013

If you travel a lot then you know there is no such thing as a “quick trip.” You spend time going through heightened airport security, waiting for delayed flights, entertaining yourself over layovers and then of course there is the actual air flight. All too often, traveling can be an all-day affair. Sometimes, it’s the little things when you are away from home that can make all the difference. Airports that want to impress customers and attract a good reputation can do so by providing a few toiletries in their restrooms. One thing that people often complain about after a full day of travel is stale breath and passengers on long flights are sometimes stuck all day without a toothbrush. Due to new strict airport regulations, passengers are limited as to what they can take on a flight. Liquids are for the most part banned which means that a customer … Continue reading

Mouthwash In The Workplace

Posted On October 9, 2013

Think of your typical day at the office. Many people arrive in the morning and have coffee and maybe a little breakfast at their desks. In the afternoon you eat lunch and maybe even a snack later on in the day. By the time five o’clock rolls around your mouth and teeth have had quite a day; that’s why participating in dental hygiene during the work day is a great idea. Food particles left on the teeth, even microscopic bits, literally rot in your mouth creating germs and bad breath. Most mouthwashes contain antibacterial ingredients that can help kill bacteria and prevent tooth decay. While using mouthwash alone is no replacement for a good brushing, it can aid and improve the efforts of dental hygiene. With mouthwash provided at the office, you can protect your teeth even when away from home for 9 hours a day or more. There’s no … Continue reading

The Benefits of Mouthwash Dispensers in Schools

Posted On October 2, 2013

When a child develops good dental habits, these habits can follow them for life. This results in less cavities and better overall gum health, not to mention fresh breath and a great looking smile! We teach children of all ages about dental health in school and therefor school is a great place to provide mouthwash dispensers for optimal health. Mouthwash enhances brushing and flossing for greater results. So, why do we need mouthwash in schools? Students of all ages spend a large portion of their day inside the school walls where they also eat and drink, leaving food particles and bacteria on their teeth for a lengthy amount of time. Providing antiseptic mouthwash to be used after lunch can be a great way to kill germs and prevent plaque buildup. It will also allow students to freshen their breath in the middle of the day, resulting in a boost in … Continue reading

A Brief History of Mouthwash

Posted On September 25, 2013

Mouthwash is a popular dental hygiene product that people can use at home. When used at least twice a day in combination with proper brushing and flossing, mouthwash can help prevent cavities, treat or prevent gingivitis and give us sparkling fresh breath. It is sold under various brands all over the world and used either before brushing or afterwards as a rinse. Not many people know that mouthwash was invented all the way back in the year 2700 B.C. and was used by the Chinese as medicine to treat gum disease (which today we call gingivitis). The Greeks and the Romans were also known to use forms of mouthwash, at least in the upper classes. In those days mouthwash mostly consisted of ammonia and the Romans even used human urine as mouthwash for a time. A less icky recipe called for a mixture of salt, alum and vinegar. Still, it … Continue reading

Top Ten Benefits To Using Mouthwash

Posted On September 18, 2013

Many people start using mouthwash after their dentist makes the suggestion but not everyone is aware of the many benefits that can come from its use. The regular use of mouthwash can improve your overall health, keep your teeth and mouth healthy and even help you find love. How? Take a look at these top benefits! Mouthwash kills germs and bacteria that would otherwise cause gingivitis. Mouthwash contains antiseptic which is a powerful germ killer. On the same note, mouthwash prevents plaque buildup and reduces the risk of cavities. Mouthwash freshens your breath and leaves your mouth feeling refreshed and tingly! Many people use mouthwash as a rinse after brushing but using it prior to brushing can help loosen food particles and make brushing even more effective. Using mouthwash will greatly enhance brushing and flossing. With daily use you can clean your teeth better than by brushing alone. Many mouthwashes … Continue reading

GotFreshBreath Testimonial

Posted On September 12, 2013

ABODE Venue installed the GotFreshBreath mouthwash dispensers in the restrooms in mid-July. We felt that with the dispensers, it would be another perk for guests of the Venue. We have had an enormous response as our guests, customers, and vendors appreciate the nice perk. Maintaining the dispensers is simple and time-friendly. I feel that it’s just another feather in the hat for ABODE.  Who doesn’t like fresh breath? General Manager Abode Venue

Five Ways Zappo’s Offers Stellar Customer Service

Posted On September 11, 2013

It isn’t up for debate. Zappo’s is the world’s most popular online shoe store with billions of dollars in sales to prove it. If you ask Zappo’s what they do, they won’t say sell shoes. That’s because they’ve created a strong company culture around fanatical customer service. Zappo’s thinks of the customer experience first, period. 1.   Customer Service Is Everything Zappo’s is fully invested in the “wow factor.” They know that giving their customers service that goes above and beyond the call of duty is the easiest way to build a business. Happy, loyal customers who buy products over and over again and give glowing online reviews are the life’s blood of a company, and Zappo’s knows it.   2.   Invest in Customer Service If you want to work at Zappo’s you have to excel at customer service skills and have a genuine desire to meet and exceed customer expectations. Zappo’s invests … Continue reading

3 Simple Ways To Improve Your Customer Service

Posted On September 4, 2013

While many business owners lose sleep over how they are going to attract new customers, research has proven that it is even more profitable to invest in keeping your current customers happy. Happy customers can lead to repeat sales and invaluable word of mouth marketing. In order to deepen bonds with customers you can increase their customer service experience with some of the following simple additional services. Loyalty Programs: Keep customers coming back over and over with clever loyalty programs. These can be as simple or as elaborate as your budget allows but above all, make the membership reward something of value. Live Chat or Other Technologies: Customers love instant gratification. By adding additional technologies to your website like “live chat” or “screen sharing” you can troubleshoot with customers in real time. Build A Community From Your Brand: Using your website, forums or social media, build a community from your … Continue reading

American Express Knows Who You Are

Posted On June 6, 2013

When you think of great customer care probably a large credit card company wouldn’t come right to mind, but it should. For some time now American Express has been wowing their customer’s with fantastic customer service. Customer service call centers are notorious points of frustration for many customers. In order to manage high call volumes most customer service training revolves around short call times and strict policy. You may get superficial friendliness but overall it is usually a negative experience that customers try to avoid. American Express sought to revolutionize the call center experience when they hired Jim Bush as the Executive VP of World Service. His vision was to create a genuinely friendly experience for the customer and move away from the overly scripted robotic dialog. He quickly got to work on overhauling the entire customer service department. Many companies rate their customer service staff based on metrics that … Continue reading