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Wowing your Restaurant’s Customers

Posted On February 21, 2013

In today’s restaurant industry, there are many options when it comes to places and brand names; therefore, it is essential for you to WOW the customers at your restaurant, not only to keep them coming back, but also to encourage them to spread the restaurant’s name through word of mouth. With your restaurant’s customers in mind, we have came up with three simple ways to wow your customers.

  1. Spice up your menu periodically- The truth is that the majority of diners will get tired of the same selections constantly. This can lead to a decline in your regular customers, as some of them will search for new, fresh places to eat. You can avoid this by adding or modifying menu items from time to time. Another option is to offer specials, whether it be nightly, weekly or monthly. This will help create anticipation for certain dishes and specific nights; thus preventing your restaurant and its menu from going “stale”.
  2. Offer as many amenities as possible- People love to visit businesses that have lots to offer. This can be something such as free mints at the hostess stand, free birthday diners, or it can be something more unique such as a commercial mouthwash dispenser in the restroom. Either way, this will wow your customers and make them feel as if your restaurant is “giving” back to them. Can you imagine walking into the restroom at an Italian restaurant to see a mouthwash dispenser on the wall? You would more than likely be very excited, especially knowing you just ate a large plate of noodles in a garlic sauce!
  3. Put a Loyalty System in Place- Diners love restaurants that offer loyalty programs. These days, there are many types of loyalty systems that you could use to wow your customers. Such systems could include the diner collecting stamps or points toward free meals or other deals. This is a great way to promote repeat customers, as many will shop or eat at a place that offers them rewards in return.

In the end, the main point is that the more products and services your restaurant offers to eaters, the more people will frequent the restaurant. Thus, generating higher revenues and profits for shareholders. One great thing is that when you do “WOW” your customers, they will reward you by going online and leaving a review about their experience – this in itself is a great way to drive customers to your restaurant‘s door, as more and more people use such reviews in their decision-making process.

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