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Top Ten Benefits To Using Mouthwash

Posted On September 18, 2013

Many people start using mouthwash after their dentist makes the suggestion but not everyone is aware of the many benefits that can come from its use. The regular use of mouthwash can improve your overall health, keep your teeth and mouth healthy and even help you find love. How? Take a look at these top benefits!

  1. Mouthwash kills germs and bacteria that would otherwise cause gingivitis. Mouthwash contains antiseptic which is a powerful germ killer.
  2. On the same note, mouthwash prevents plaque buildup and reduces the risk of cavities.
  3. Mouthwash freshens your breath and leaves your mouth feeling refreshed and tingly!
  4. Many people use mouthwash as a rinse after brushing but using it prior to brushing can help loosen food particles and make brushing even more effective.
  5. Using mouthwash will greatly enhance brushing and flossing. With daily use you can clean your teeth better than by brushing alone.
  6. Many mouthwashes contain fluoride which strengthens teeth and helps prevents cavities.
  7. Bad breath can dampen a job interview double quick! You want to leave a good impression but bad breath with make you memorable for all the wrong reasons.
  8. Dental work is expensive! Pocket some cash by avoiding fillings and other painful procedures.
  9. Are you constantly going on first dates only? Discolored teeth or bad breath can be what’s cramping your style. Keep your teeth pearly white and your breath minty fresh in order to put your best foot forward.
  10. Oral issues can cause greater health problems. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy can prevent heart disease, stroke and diabetic complications.

Mouthwash, used before or after brushing can have a tremendously positive effect on your dental health. Choose a mouthwash with fluoride for even more benefits!

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