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Top 5 Benefits of having a Mouthwash Dispenser in your Restaurant

Posted On February 15, 2013

Do you want to make your establishment memorable and customer friendly? Have you been seeking ways to improve customer service? Are you looking to wow your customers or just set your restaurant apart?

Then you’re in luck, because a new device called Got Fresh Breath is exactly what you’ve been looking for! Got Fresh Breath is a wall-mounted dispenser that can be placed in the restroom to add that little “extra something” to your restaurant patrons’ experience.

Got Fresh Breath is a revolutionary new device that is sure to impress your customers when they visit the restroom! Let’s face it; few people expect to find a mouthwash dispenser in restaurant bathrooms. An automatic mouthwash dispenser in the bathroom is an unexpected novelty that’s sure to elicit positive chatter among patrons.

There are a number of benefits of installing a mouthwash dispenser in the bathroom of your restaurant. The top five perks include:

  1. A mouthwash dispenser in a restaurant’s bathroom will improve customer service since your patrons won’t have to worry about bad breath after their meal.
  2. Restaurants are an extremely popular date spot, so a mouthwash dispenser in the bathroom will appeal to patrons who are on a date and looking to impress! It’s an easy way to improve customer service in a practical and memorable way.
  3. A wall-mounted dispenser in the bathroom will enable your establishment to offer some of the perks that expensive high-class restaurants offer via a bathroom attendant. It’s like having an automated bathroom attendant at a fraction of the price.
  4. A mouthwash dispenser in the restaurant’s bathroom is a must-have novelty that’s sure to impress the unexpected local restaurant reviewer or critic! It’s little touches such as this that make it clear that your establishment is committed to providing great customer service.
  5. It’s the little things that set your restaurant apart from all the others. Patrons enjoy it when they feel as though an establishment has put in the extra effort to make their visit a more pleasant and memorable one.

Whether you’re a fast food establishment, a family restaurant, a trendy restaurant that’s popular among the young dating crowd or a bar, a classy mouthwash dispenser is an unexpected service that will generate buzz, and it will result in more return visitors!

Bringing the WOW factor of mouthwash to your restaurant might just transform your restaurant into a local hot spot!

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