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Three Ways to Improve Customer Service at your Restaurant

Posted On February 4, 2013

At many restaurants, “customer service” is discussed in manager meetings, but never really defined. Yet, as the economy forces customers to eat out less frequently, the difference in obtaining the majority of the business can come down to customer service. In fact, a recent Gallup Study determined that one of the most powerful drivers of engagement when it comes to food is being treated like a “valued customer”; after this driver, it would be the overall taste of the food and the initial greeting. So, the following information will provide you with three ways to improve your restaurant’s customer service.

Install a tamper-proof mouthwash dispenser

Although this may seem like an odd way to improve customer service at your restaurant, it is an unexpected service that can really impress. In fact, wowing your customers with mouthwash can be much more beneficial than you can imagine. In other words, many people go out to eat on dates; therefore, the last thing anyone wants is bad breath following a meal that contained the likes of onion and garlic. If this is the case, that after dinner (or even first) kiss may not go as planned.

Therefore, surprising your customers with mouthwash can really take them by surprise! In the long run, the more additional services like this that you can offer, the more likely people will begin to frequent your establishment for the excellent service and great amenities.

Create a work atmosphere that is fun and fulfilling

Better customer service can be defined through employees that are both happy and satisfied. Therefore, make sure your restaurant offers a workplace where employees enjoy being, take pride in and believe in. If you can do this, it will lead to a staff that has a higher morale and offers better service.

In the case of food, most people will tell you that it doesn’t matter how good the food tastes if the service is bad. In the case of employees, as long as they are happy and enjoy their job, it will reflect in their work ethic and dealings with customers. On the other hand, disgruntled employees can display attitude and overall disgust with their job which can become very apparent and begin to chase customers off.

Provide your customers the correct tools to share your establishment’s story

There is a popular mid-western eatery that attached an iPad to their bar, next to the take-out station. While customers wait to get their food, they can play the iPad (for free) to see what the hype is all about. Additionally, the customers are told that if they log-on to their Facebook page and “Like” the restaurant’s page, they will be given a free appetizer on the spot. The restaurant finishes this process by thanking the customer and asking if they enjoyed their appetizer. This method is a no-brainer that works great and is easy to accomplish. Moreover, since Facebook is beginning to ramp up “Offers” and “Places”, it will become more and more standard for customers to share their experiences with others via the social media giant. So, why would you not want to take advantage of the wonderful opportunity to facilitate excitement and growth when the customer is already at your store and willing to do so?

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