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The Nordstrom Legends

Posted On May 22, 2013

Unhappy customers will take to the internet forms and blogs to post ranting reviews faster than you can count to 10. Now, in this age where information travels at the speed of thought, it is more important than ever to make sure your customer service is running at optimal performance. Too many times companies spend very little resources on customer service and do not put in the necessary time or money into training.
No one is more aware of this fact than Nordstrom’s, the high end department store whose amazing customer service stories are a thing of legend all across the internet. One of the biggest Nordstrom’s legend is called the “the snow tire story.” It took place in Alaska where a man attempted to return some snow tire chains with a receipt that was obviously from another store. Since the customer was visibly upset the store manager refunded the man out of his own pocket and later took the items and the recipe to the correct store to get reimbursed. Many have speculated over the authenticity of this tale but Nordstrom’s executives claim that the story is true and they use it as an example at training seminars. The lesson is about going to extraordinary measures to solve customer problems.
A second story of great customer care involves a member of the housekeeping staff finding a customer’s shopping bags along with their receipt and a travel itinerary in the parking lot. They used the information to attempt to call the customer several times and when they could not reach the customer they drove the bags to the airport themselves. This speaks to the fact that Nordstrom’s has created a culture in which customer service is not just a department, it’s a culture. The idea of putting customer’s satisfaction first resonates with every member of the staff no matter what their job function is. They all have the same goal, making customers happy.
Nordstrom’s provides training that prepares their staff to take charge of customer satisfaction. They work under the impression that their staff will make the right decision to benefit customers and should be given the tools necessary to do so.
Happy customers have provided Nordstrom’s with a never ending supply of free branding online and their tales of virtuous customer service continue to grow. Never under estimate the power of positive online customer reviews which are driving almost entirely by exceptional customer service.

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