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The Benefits of Mouthwash Dispensers in Schools

Posted On October 2, 2013

When a child develops good dental habits, these habits can follow them for life. This results in less cavities and better overall gum health, not to mention fresh breath and a great looking smile! We teach children of all ages about dental health in school and therefor school is a great place to provide mouthwash dispensers for optimal health. Mouthwash enhances brushing and flossing for greater results.

So, why do we need mouthwash in schools? Students of all ages spend a large portion of their day inside the school walls where they also eat and drink, leaving food particles and bacteria on their teeth for a lengthy amount of time. Providing antiseptic mouthwash to be used after lunch can be a great way to kill germs and prevent plaque buildup. It will also allow students to freshen their breath in the middle of the day, resulting in a boost in confidence as well.

Those adverse to providing mouthwash in schools are usually concerned with the alcohol content. Some mouthwashes that contain alcohol can actually be over 50 proof. While many also include other ingredients that make you less likely to drink a significant amount of the product, the possibility of abuse still technically exists. To avoid this issue, it is easy enough to get mouthwash that does not contain alcohol.

Not all students have access to mouthwash at home and for some students, what they are provided with at school is all they get. Providing an alcohol-free mouthwash with added fluoride in schools can greatly increase the dental health of the student body with very little cost to the school. Mouthwash and mouthwash dispensers are affordable and easy to maintain. It is an easy way for schools to advocate for student health in a non-intrusive way that will still fit within any budget.

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