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Should Airports Carry Mouthwash Dispensers?

Posted On October 16, 2013

If you travel a lot then you know there is no such thing as a “quick trip.” You spend time going through heightened airport security, waiting for delayed flights, entertaining yourself over layovers and then of course there is the actual air flight. All too often, traveling can be an all-day affair. Sometimes, it’s the little things when you are away from home that can make all the difference.

Airports that want to impress customers and attract a good reputation can do so by providing a few toiletries in their restrooms. One thing that people often complain about after a full day of travel is stale breath and passengers on long flights are sometimes stuck all day without a toothbrush. Due to new strict airport regulations, passengers are limited as to what they can take on a flight. Liquids are for the most part banned which means that a customer cannot take even a travel sized bottle of mouthwash in their carryon luggage.

An easy way to provide access to mouthwash for airport customers is to have mouthwash dispensers in the restrooms. The most popular mouthwashes are mint or menthol flavor which help to freshen breath. Mouthwashes are known for their antiseptic ingredient which means they are able to kill germs that cause gingivitis and tooth decay. For passengers that may have to go all day without brushing, mouthwash provides a welcome refresher once they are off their plane and about to go meet relatives, friends or business partners.

There are many ways to prove to your customers that you care about their personal needs, this is one way that is affordable and easy to accommodate. The dispensers are easy to install and maintain. Customers will appreciate the thought for their comfort and wellbeing.

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