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Mouthwash In The Workplace

Posted On October 9, 2013

Think of your typical day at the office. Many people arrive in the morning and have coffee and maybe a little breakfast at their desks. In the afternoon you eat lunch and maybe even a snack later on in the day. By the time five o’clock rolls around your mouth and teeth have had quite a day; that’s why participating in dental hygiene during the work day is a great idea.

Food particles left on the teeth, even microscopic bits, literally rot in your mouth creating germs and bad breath. Most mouthwashes contain antibacterial ingredients that can help kill bacteria and prevent tooth decay. While using mouthwash alone is no replacement for a good brushing, it can aid and improve the efforts of dental hygiene. With mouthwash provided at the office, you can protect your teeth even when away from home for 9 hours a day or more.

There’s no reason why your teeth have to be covered in food buildup causing bacteria to form all day long. It might not always be convenient to brush your teeth at work; so many offices are choosing to put mouthwash dispensers in their restrooms. Having easy to use and affordable mouthwash dispensers in the office will help to improve everyone’s overall health. A reduction in the number of absences due to dental work can even increase productivity. The dispensers are a small cost compared to these savings.

Mouthwash also helps to fight bad breath. How many times have you been in the office, about to meet with a client, when you realize that you have stale or downright foul breath? Imagine the confidence boost you could get by doing a quick rinse with a minty fresh mouthwash? You’d be ready to meet your client face to face and close the deal!

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