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Five Ways Zappo’s Offers Stellar Customer Service

Posted On September 11, 2013

It isn’t up for debate. Zappo’s is the world’s most popular online shoe store with billions of dollars in sales to prove it. If you ask Zappo’s what they do, they won’t say sell shoes. That’s because they’ve created a strong company culture around fanatical customer service. Zappo’s thinks of the customer experience first, period.

1.   Customer Service Is Everything

Zappo’s is fully invested in the “wow factor.” They know that giving their customers service that goes above and beyond the call of duty is the easiest way to build a business. Happy, loyal customers who buy products over and over again and give glowing online reviews are the life’s blood of a company, and Zappo’s knows it.


2.   Invest in Customer Service

If you want to work at Zappo’s you have to excel at customer service skills and have a genuine desire to meet and exceed customer expectations. Zappo’s invests a lot of money in training and the call center in order to provide lightning fast response and valiant resolutions to customer complaints.


3.   Measure Success The Right Way

While most companies try to rush complaining customers off the phone by measuring call center statistics that reward employees for sticking to scripts and wrapping up the calls as fast as possible, Zappo’s takes a different approach. They monitor the total time a call center representative is on the phone during a shift and rewards them for attendance and for creating “wow” moments for customers.


4.   Make Returns Hassle Free

Zappo’s is famous for encouraging shoppers to return items. They have a 100% satisfaction back guarantee and it is offered without restraint. Providing an easy out builds customer trust and following through with that offer is priceless. That is why we offer a guarantee with got fresh breath mouthwash dispensers.


5.   Reward Loyalty

Wouldn’t it be great if part of your job was to reward good customers with little surprises? Zappo’s does just that by allowing staff to grant surprise upgrades on shipping. Ecstatic customers who paid for 4 day ground shipping can sometimes see their purchase arrive the very next day! Zappo’s cares about their customers, and rewards them for their repeated business.

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