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Exceptional Customer Service

Posted On April 4, 2013

While people like to poke fun from time to time at the most globally successful coffee shop of all time, Starbucks, has gone above and beyond customer expectations time and time again. There is a reason for Starbucks’ wild popularity and that reason is – they hire the right people and train them to do the right things.

There have been blogs, news stories and even entire books dedicated to the formula of Starbucks’ award-winning customer service. It seems that the coffee giant has figured out the secret to customer satisfaction isn’t entirely about the product, but more about the people behind the counter.
In addition to a comfortable atmosphere, trendy drinks, free Wi-Fi, and a culture of community, Starbucks serves up an exceptional customer experiences each and every day. They hire friendly staff, called baristas, who are energetic, helpful and good a providing unexpected service. They provide extensive customer service that focuses on doing small things to enhance each customer’s overall experience while in the store.
Through message boards and online blogs you can find countless stories of exceptional customer service such as:

  • – A customer waiting outside the store in the cold before opening was allowed in and served hot coffee due to the inclement weather he was being exposed to
  • – Customers tipping over drinks and having the mess quickly and cheerfully cleaned and then being offered a free replacement drink
  • – Baristas that go out of their way to remember names, and ask about people’s day
  • – Baristas writing thoughtful or encouraging things on cups for customers having a bad day or an important event coming up
  • – A customer being supported by this local Starbucks as he lost over 100 lbs, they wrote encouragements and doodles on his cups as he transformed
  • – Many stories of customers being cheered up on bad days by caring and friendly staff

Starbucks knows that creating a company culture that puts exceptional Customer Service first is the best way to build brand loyalty. People enjoy walking into “their” location to meet with friends, read a book, work on their laptops and drink great coffee. The seating is comfortable and tables and electrical outlets are provided for students and business people who are made to feel welcome even if they spend three hours drinking one cup of coffee while writing their sociology paper.
Not only is their customer service impeccable but it’s consistent as well. There are small Starbucks kiosks all over the place; in malls, in hotels, even in hospitals. Each is staffed with the same type of friendly and well trained barista as you would find in a full sized store. Not only are the same drinks available, but the same welcome feeling of walking into your own local store, even when you are far from home. How to improve customer service is always on Starbucks’ mind. Maybe their next move is to start offering fresh breath with mouthwash in the restrooms.

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