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Every Dentist Office Should have Mouthwash Dispensers

Posted On February 28, 2013

Mouthwash and dentist offices go hand-in-hand; so, it only makes sense that every dentist office should offer mouthwash dispensers in the bathrooms. Although the dispenser more than likely cannot be used after seeing the dentist, there are plenty of other ways it will benefit customers.

The first thing that should be considered is that some people attend dentist appointments on lunch or personal breaks from work. This means that the person usually has little time to reach the appointment. Therefore, it would certainly wow the customer and be viewed as an exceptional customer service tool, if he or she could quickly rinse the mouth with mouthwash before anyone sees inside of it. Think, how embarrassing it is that you may have food or other debris stuck inside your teeth as professionals are getting ready to take a look. The other side of this is if the person happened to have bad breath for any reason; the mouthwash would work to make the client more comfortable about opening his or her mouth.

Next, a wall mounted dispenser in the bathroom of a dentist office further promotes good dental hygiene. Clients seeing that their dentist office is offering mouthwash in the restroom, tells them that including mouthwash into their daily routine is just as important as washing their hands. If you offer people free amenities, they will more than likely use them. So, it only seems right that a dentist office would use this to their advantage, and aid them in promoting people to keep their mouths clean as a way to improve customer service.

Finally, a mouthwash dispenser mounted on the wall in the bathroom is just downright modern and wowing! In fact, the majority of the men and women who will ultimately use the restroom will have never seen such a device before. This is one of the newest must-have commercial bathroom devices to hit the market, and it’s not taking long for this phenomenon to catch on. The owners of the establishments know that this is a very affordable way to offer exceptional customer service. Hence, it won’t be too long that you will see commercial mouthwash dispensers mounted in the restrooms of dentist offices, restaurants, country clubs, speed dating events, sporting events and many other places!

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