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Does Your Breath Smell Bad? It Could be an Infection.

Posted On March 12, 2013

Infections such as upper respiratory tract infections and colds are a commonplace cause of bad breath.

In the case of respiratory infections, the bacteria in the throat, esophagus, lungs and airway emit an odor. The dark, damp, warm conditions are ideal for the formation of bacteria and as the cells die, the decomposition process creates odors that waft upwards, causing bad breath.

Similarly, sinus infections and tonsillitis can also lead to bad breath.

Other sources of infection like gum disease and even tooth decay can also cause bad breath. Cavities often include a pocket of infection, which emits odor that causes you to have bad breath.

Similarly, mouth piercings can also harbor bacteria. Bacteria accumulates inside the piercing and on the jewelry, so it’s best to clean tongue, cheek and lip piercings on a regular basis. It’s best to perform cleanings daily as part of your tooth brushing routine.

The Got Fresh Breath mouthwash dispenser is an ideal solution for keeping your breath fresh during cold and flu season and beyond! It’s ideal for use around the office and an array of other businesses. You’ll enjoy minty fresh breath and others are sure to enjoy it as well!

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