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Do you own or manage a cigar bar or smoking cafe?

Posted On March 3, 2013

Cigar and smoking bars are extremely popular in many regions. Smoking enthusiasts can enjoy sampling a wide range of high-quality cigars, pipes and other smoking materials, while enjoying a relaxing yet social environment.

In a society where smoking indoors is banned in many jurisdictions, cigar bars and smoking cafes are gaining tremendous popularity, as they’re one of the few remaining locations where pipe, cigar and other smoking enthusiasts can socialize, gather and simply relax – all while enjoying premium tobaccos, cigars and beyond.

Cigar bars in particular tend to be very classy establishments and many clients expect only the best in terms of service and amenities. That’s where a Got Fresh Breath mouthwash dispenser can help, as you’ll be set apart as a premium establishment that goes the extra mile to provide patrons with a classy, enjoyable experience. Your clients will enjoy fresh, clean breath as they depart your establishment to continue their day. It’s a little extra touch that will be noticed and appreciated!

So if you own or manage a cigar bar, consider adding a mouthwash dispenser in the restrooms or another area of your establishment. It’s just one little extra perk that clients are sure to notice and enjoy; it will set your business apart from all the others!

Or, if you frequent a local cigar bar or smoking cafe, consider recommending a Got Fresh Breath mouthwash dispenser!

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