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Are you looking for a fun and effective way to set your medical or dental practice or apart from all the others?

Posted On February 28, 2013

Got Fresh Breath’s mouthwash dispenser is a simple, affordable and effective way to promote good oral health and fresh breath, while providing your patients with exceptional customer service that’s sure to set your practice apart from all the others.

It’s hard to set your dental or medical practice apart from the dozens of other clinics in your region, but a mouthwash dispenser is just one way to make your clinic memorable – in a good way! Who knows, you may even come to be known as “the clinic with the mouthwash dispensers in the bathrooms”!

In addition to patients, staff will enjoy the wall mounted dispenser as well. We all know how awkward it can be to be in close contact with another person who has not-so-fresh breath. And physicians, nurses, dentists, dental hygienists and other clinic staff are apt to be in very close contact with patients, so bad breath becomes extremely apparent in these instances! But improve customer service by placeing a Got Fresh Breath mouthwash dispenser in the restroom and you and the staff at your practice will feel confident that your breath is fresh and that you’re leaving a positive impression on your patients!

Got Fresh Breath’s mouthwash will leave a positive impression, while also promoting good oral health practices, making it a must-have item for every medical and dental practice!

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