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5 Causes of Bad Breath

Posted On March 3, 2013

Do you suffer from bad breath? There are a wide range of causes of bad breath, some serious and some much easier to remedy.

Here is a look at the causes of halitosis – the technical name for bad breath!

Bacteria – Some individuals are prone to bacteria build-up on the tongue and inside the mouth; the bacteria can emit odor that results in bad breath.

Gum Disease – Gum disease can cause inflammation, pain, bleeding and a number of other symptoms impacting your gums and teeth. The bacteria that accumulate on the gums are also to blame for bad breath.

Tooth Decay – Tooth decay occurs when bacteria invades tooth enamel. This bacteria can also cause an odor, which results in less-than-fresh breath.

Diabetes – Diabetes can result in bad breath, as this metabolic disorder causes dry mouth. The lack of saliva can result in the accumulation of bad breath-causing bacteria.

Foods, Drink and Smoking – Food, drink and smoking can cause bad breath, as the odor wafts up from the lungs and stomach.

Respiratory Tract Infections – Respiratory tract infections can cause bad breath with the bacteria that causes the infection emits an odor, which travels from the airway into the mouth.

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