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4th of the Top Five Mouthwash Types -NATURAL (HERBAL) MOUTHWASH

Posted On March 13, 2013

Gone are the days when people used to think that only brushing your teeth was enough. With an increasing awareness to ward off germs from the mouth, people have come to realize that mouthwashes have a great role to play. While it is true that, a range of mouthwashes are available on the market these days, but is every mouthwash for you? Not really! However, there is one mouthwash that is suitable for all age groups and that is natural mouthwash.

You have already used some of the herbal products earlier and now it is time to use herbal mouthwash. The most appealing quality of natural mouthwashes is the fact that it is made from natural ingredients. Typically such mouthwashes contain aloe vera, peppermint, tea tree, myrrh, Echinacea etc. To add some color, natural mouthwashes use vegetable juices. Moreover, for its sweetening taste herbs like stevia are used. Stevia does not only taste sweet but also doesn’t adversely affect diabetic people. Instead, it has been clinically proven in preventing gum diseases and tooth decay. These ingredients not only help to kill germs but also eradicate the problems of bad breath.

Also, unlike most commercial mouthwash, natural mouth rinses do not contain: alcohol, artificial colors, sugar, artificial sweeteners, harsh chemical preservatives, stannous fluoride and cetylpyridinium chloride. These ingredients can be found in many of the traditional mouthwashes and are actually quite harmful as an oral rinse. If swallowed, these can become toxic. Moreover, some of them may stain your teeth too.

On the contrary, natural mouthwashes are an apt choice for daily dental care. These have just the right amount of herbal extracts and essential oils that help in rebuilding connective tissues. This in turn strengthens the overall oral health and healing abilities. Further, the essential oils have therapeutic benefits and help in putting off bad breath, mouth infections and gum diseases.  Given that these herbal mouthwashes are free from harmful side effects, they are an effective alternative to commercial mouth rinses.

That goes without saying that using natural mouthwash is worth considering. No matter whether you are a kid or an adult, these will not be detrimental to your oral health in any way. Also, the good news is that even pregnant woman can use them without worrying a bit about the after effects on the baby. With all these benefits, natural mouthwashes definitely have an edge over other products. If you have been facing bad breath issues, then maybe it’s time to switch over to natural mouthwash.

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