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3rd of the Top Five Mouthwash Types – TOTAL CARE MOUTHWASH

Posted On March 10, 2013

As the name says it all, total care mouthwash consists of many benefits in just one mouthwash. The antibacterial ingredients in total care mouthwashes are the most appealing. These ingredients concentrate on preventing gum diseases, fighting plaque and helping with bad breath. Apart from these, they also restore tooth enamel, help to avoid cavities, cleanse the mouth and leave you with a fresh breath for quite a long time.

Now, if you thought that it is good for everybody, you need to give it a second thought. Yes, these definitely live up to their promises but it is the ingredients that you have to look into. Some of the total care mouthwashes have alcohol and fluoride included in them.

Alcohol in mouthwash is a real no-no for kids and the elderly. The alcohol-enriched mouthwash will cause a kind of burning sensation when rinsed with. Also, these can make your mouth feel dry. Since our mouth must maintain some amount of moisture for good oral health, hence using alcohol mouthwash cannot be that beneficial.

On the other hand, some of the total care mouthwashes use fluoride as a measure to prevent tooth decay. While it is true that fluoride has capabilities to strengthen tooth enamel, it is also a toxic substance. This calls for some attention here! Dentists have time and again suggested that fluoride mouthwashes should never be swallowed. You should spit it after use. Also, using fluoride rinses for a long time may cause discoloration of teeth and allergic reactions too. Hence, in such cases not everybody can use total care mouthwashes.

However, there is nothing to worry about. There are some total care mouthwashes that are alcohol free and thereby, protects you from the side effects of alcohol. Moreover, fluoride is an important ingredient in most of the total care mouthwashes. Nevertheless, some contain higher amounts of fluoride whereas the others contain much lesser quantity. Thus, keeping this mind, you must choose to use the one that has a low amount of fluoride present in it. Before you buy one, it would be in your best interest to check the ingredients first. If a total care mouthwash contains alcohol and fluoride then please make sure to keep it away from your kids. That is why most of these mouthwashes come with a warning that the product should be used by 12 years and older.

On the whole, total care mouthwashes have great benefits to offer if you opt for the right product with the right ingredients.

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