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3 Simple Ways To Improve Your Customer Service

Posted On September 4, 2013

While many business owners lose sleep over how they are going to attract new customers, research has proven that it is even more profitable to invest in keeping your current customers happy. Happy customers can lead to repeat sales and invaluable word of mouth marketing.

In order to deepen bonds with customers you can increase their customer service experience with some of the following simple additional services.

Loyalty Programs: Keep customers coming back over and over with clever loyalty programs. These can be as simple or as elaborate as your budget allows but above all, make the membership reward something of value.

Live Chat or Other Technologies: Customers love instant gratification. By adding additional technologies to your website like “live chat” or “screen sharing” you can troubleshoot with customers in real time.

Build A Community From Your Brand: Using your website, forums or social media, build a community from your customer pool that will easily generate a sense of bonding with your business. Many companies even use sites like Facebook and Twitter to monitor for topics that include their product or brand and then reach out to these customers directly. You can also use social media to let your customers get a little closer to you with behind the scenes footage and special access to promotions and events.

Not all customer improvement initiatives need to be expensive. Simple training methods and activities can help strengthen any customer service program. Allow representatives the authority to solve problems and give them the tools they need to respond quickly and track results. Follow up with customers you have done business with before an issue comes up. Many customers who have negative experiences can be turned into success stories through the quick resolution actions of your friendly team.

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