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1st of the Top Five Mouthwash Types – Fluoride Mouthwash

Posted On March 1, 2013

If you want to improve the health of your teeth without adding a lot of fuss or increasing the number of visits to your dentist, a fluoride based mouthwash is just right for you. Fluoride is mostly used as a protective agent against tooth decay and its regular use may prevent any damage to your teeth.

Our teeth get most of the fluoride from toothpastes. Now, there are fluoride mouthwashes as well which provide added protection to your teeth. Most of these mouthwashes also claim to fight cavities. They are also good in removing the plaque from your teeth and other residual bits from your teeth.

Fluoride mouthwashes are great accompaniments to your toothpaste, toothbrush and floss. It is mostly good for people who have sensitive teeth and need more fluoride than others. Moreover, it may also help fight gum problems as well.

Germ buildup in the mouth is a continuous process that gets enhanced by consumption of certain foods. Moreover, if you have bad dental care habits, then you would probably be visiting the dentist more often than others in the next few years. Regular brushing and flossing is mandatory. If you add a fluoride based mouthwash to this routine, it will enhance your germ protection and help protect the enamel from harmful bacteria as well.

Some of the mouthwash brands claim to give 99% more protection when used after brushing your teeth daily. However, the fluoride content of a mouthwash is never as high as a toothpaste. It is also suggested that you do not eat; drink or smoke for 30 minutes after using a fluoride based mouthwash so that you get the maximum benefits.

Care must be taken that you do not get too much fluoride. The bad effects of fluoride can be many. Therefore, it is essential that while using a fluoride based mouthwash you do not swallow it. Fluoride can make a mouthwash taste bland, so it comes in a variety of flavors.

There are some special mouthwashes for kids as well. However, you should be extra careful as kids might swallow it. Some mouthwashes also contain alcohol. It is advised that children less than 6 years of age must not use mouthwashes in general. Moreover, be careful not to get pulled over immediately after using the mouthwash with high alcohol content. The alcohol will not make you feel drunk, but you may fail the Breathalyzer test if you go out immediately after using this mouthwash. So be careful and use with caution.

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