Why GotFreshBreath Exists...


Today, both customers and employees are presented with countless options for every decision; eat at that restaurant or the other one, go to that theater or visit the new one, work at this business or the next one. The options are endless. As business owners and managers, we now have to focus on not only the services we offer but also delivering them in an unforgettable way. The very existence of our companies depend on that. The challenging part is, “How can our businesses do that in today’s world?” There are countless ambitious business owners and managers that lie awake at night dreaming of ways to make their locations more successful. You know that is true, because you are probably one of them. This is why GotFreshBreath started, to help turn some of those ideas into reality.

Several years ago, while on a mission trip to work with inner-city kids in Busan, Korea, the idea of GotFreshBreath was born. After eating dinner one night, our team noticed that there were mouthwash dispensers in the restroom. Well, noticed is really an understatement; amazed is more like it. To the Koreans, this level of service was common place in their upscale restrooms, but to the American team this was a total game changer. Really, that moment changed the game forever, as the idea for GotFreshBreath appeared. It was simple really, just one question, “Why does every business in the United States not offer this same unforgettable service?”

That trip began a journey, which our team is still on today. A journey of building the best and most reliable mouthwash dispenser on the market. We started with just five locations in the Atlanta area, and today there are thousands spread across the 48 contiguous states, Canada and Mexico. On the path, we have learned a lot. Through it, we have crafted a mouthwash dispenser and flavor designed specifically for commercial use; a dispenser that works great and a mouthwash that tastes amazing. Our team has fallen in love with helping businesses offer an unforgettable service to their customers.

GotFreshBreath exists for that very reason; to help you, and businesses like yours, create unforgettable hospitality for your customers. We just so happened to do that by making a mouthwash dispenser.

How Can You Join Us?

It is pretty simple; really, just give the idea of mouthwash a try. If you order a few mouthwash dispensers for your location, we will give you 30 days to try them out risk free. If your customers and team love them, then keep the dispensers and order supplies as needed. If not, you can return the units for a full refund.

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