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About Us

It all started on a family mission trip to work with inner-city kids in Busan Korea. One night a local pastor took Craig and his wife, Gretchen, out to dinner. After trying a memorable menu of kimchi (rotten cabbage) the two noticed that there were mouthwash dispensers in the restrooms. To the Koreans, this level of service was common place in their upscale restrooms, but the Americans were amazed. They repeatedly wanted to visit restaurants and try their mouthwash dispenser.

Craig thought about all the ambitious restaurant operators he knew that were always trying to raise the bar…you know the guys that lie awake at night dreaming of ways to make his restaurant more successful. He wanted to create a product for business owners who believe that environment matters and that something magical happens when every sensory experience their customers have with their brand is designed to surpass their expectations. So, he created a mouthwash dispenser that is the perfect expression of that idea; a dispenser that is worth remarking about. With this simple idea, the GFB brand is being born.